All Southwestern students are required to complete two courses in the natural sciences and over 20% of Southwestern students major in one of the natural sciences. Nearly 40% of all students who apply to Southwestern express an interest in the sciences and our prehealth programs.
Professor of Physics Robert Hyer invented a wireless telegraph – the radio's predecessor – a year before the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi did. Unfortunately, Marconi took the extra, extremely lucrative step of obtaining the patent. Hyer also built what may have been Texas' first X-Ray device.

Fondren-Jones Science Hall

Home to our natural sciences classes and laboratories, Fondren-Jones Science Hall contains laboratory equipment and facilities for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments.

Inside Fondren-Jones Hall, you'll find two multimedia classrooms, two research laboratories each for biology, chemistry and physics, additional laboratory space for biology, biochemistry and chemistry, a computer laboratory, a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrophotometer laboratory, and faculty offices.

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