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Teaching Kids to Code

Stephen Foster wants to live in a world where everyone knows how to code. “I think coding should be part of kids’ basic literacy,” says the 2009 Southwestern graduate. Why?...   Read More

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Social Media in the “Real World”

When Meghan Brindley ’08 joined the Southwestern community as a first-year student, she had no way of knowing, or even imagining, the opportunities that would come her way. Now, 10...   Read More

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Carl Robertson: The Liberal Arts Personified

Carl Robertson is the liberal arts personified: a teacher-scholar, researcher, Chinese language speaker, world-traveler, husband, father, woodworker, bird watcher and lifelong learner. His passion for Chinese (and all) literature is...   Read More

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SU’s Visibility: A Student Perspective

“Despite the pride that students, alumni, faculty and staff hold for Southwestern, the Pirates remain a ’hidden gem of the South,’” says Bryony McLaughlin, student body president and editor of...   Read More