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Pit Bull Rescue

You can’t resist this picture…

Its here.  Its the time of year where you have more papers due than meals.  The time when its best not to make direct eye contact with someone.  The time.


1940s Radio Hour (Faking It Until You Make It)

Only two weeks left. Where did my semester go? But seriously, it's almost finals and I have no clue where all of my time went. Not that I'm complaining that.


My Goodness, My Guinness!

Our hostel: the second most wonderful place on Earth! After Disney World, of course.

And so our final excursion begins.

The greenest place around.

These people were intriguing.


I’ve never met an unhappy homeless dog

"Waterfall" by Gorky at the Tate Modern. One of my favorites of the day.

A projected work by Tacita Dean. I can't post a picture of every painting, but.


The thing about London is…very few rubbish bins

I found this babydoll on the ground! I guess some people think I'm unsanitary...?

Harrod's. They sure do go big.

These dresses have been to the Oscar's.