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Guest Blog: Shawna Kilbourn

I grew up in a small town in cold north of Michigan. I went to a community college first in Michigan after graduating High School at the age.


Getting Settled in Part 2: Your First Class

So, if you've read the Guest Blogs, you have some idea of how great Advanced-Entry Seminar can be when you're joining the Southwestern community. Your classmates will all.


So Inappropriate…

One of our first stops. The "I Amsterdam" sign!
The Dutch are a people with few vowels.
Dinner with Jort.


“Excuse me, does the Peter Pan statue actually exist or is it just a joke you play on Americans?”

We saw "Much Ado About Nothing" at the Globe theatre and the cast was so much better than the standard middle schoolers.


“I was just fascinated by the Lord Chancellor, sitting contentedly in his little wool sack.”

Right after this photo, a man asked us for directions to Heathrow Airport and I was so excited that someone thought we were.