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Sept. 14 Update   For some reason, the audio is poorly synched :( Hope you enjoy the video! Stories left out:

  • What happens in Slovenia apparently doesn't stay there: Mormon missionaries arrive on campus to.


SU made Transferring an Awesome Experience

None of my friends could believe I decided to go to school in Texas after living and working in NYC for 7 years. When I was laid off for the second.


Come Along, Puppies!

Best moment I have ever captured. This is London.

Pub life. It's like thug life but better.
Last night with director Rick Roemer

Adventures in Bulgaria

Even though two weeks of school have passed, I'm still recovering from a whirlwind of a month spent in Bulgaria. From July to the beginning of August, I spent my.


“I wish I didn’t have so much dignity.”

Camden Lock, ie Hippie-ville "Let's ask this man to take a picture of us! He works here so he can't run away!" Man proceeds to run away with.