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Looking at colleges can be a difficult, challenging, and exciting process. You may have parents suggesting possible options, a high school guidance counselor advising you on fit, or your own.


Back in Texas After shooting this video, I realized how much stuff I left out!

Here's a quick list:
  • Am also involved in a Paideia honors course called: Liberal Arts and Techonology. After having been.


Grab your wellies.

Pretty mosaic at the Saatchi gallery!

We areĀ very posh.
Charades with flat 8!

Coming back…from Germany

Colin Berr is a junior at Southwestern University, majoring in International Studies and minoring in Business. He just got back from spending a year abroad in Marburg, Germany..


Coming Soon…from London

Hi, readers! My name is Lauren Knutti (canoe+tea) and I am a junior studying Theatre, English, and Tina-Fey-ism. I came to Southwestern from Columbus, in part, to escape.