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“I was just fascinated by the Lord Chancellor, sitting contentedly in his little wool sack.”

Right after this photo, a man asked us for directions to Heathrow Airport and I was so excited that someone thought we were.


My hope is your story will be about changing

Thames River Festival
Dionne Bromfield (very talented British popstar/the late, Amy Winehouse's, goddaughter) and her backup dancers who acted out the boyfriend roles.


Come Along, Puppies!

Best moment I have ever captured. This is London.

Pub life. It's like thug life but better.

“I wish I didn’t have so much dignity.”

Camden Lock, ie Hippie-ville "Let's ask this man to take a picture of us! He works here so he can't run away!" Man proceeds to run away with.


Grab your wellies.

Pretty mosaic at the Saatchi gallery!

We areĀ very posh.
Charades with flat 8!