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I see a lot of plays.

Waiting for our tour of the National Theatre. I entertain myself by convincing my friends to touch pigeons.
Katelyn is so small and.


Barcelona Parte Dos

The neat thing about this city...lots of lions to climb on.
La Boqueria: this adorable group saw me taking pictures of some.


Snowstorm in Barcelona! Not really though.

The lighting is always perfect in Barcelona.
Side note: It was late. I was tired. Some of my "t"s have no arms. Please.


So Inappropriate…

One of our first stops. The "I Amsterdam" sign!
The Dutch are a people with few vowels.
Dinner with Jort.


“Excuse me, does the Peter Pan statue actually exist or is it just a joke you play on Americans?”

We saw "Much Ado About Nothing" at the Globe theatre and the cast was so much better than the standard middle schoolers.