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Pit Bull Rescue

You can’t resist this picture…

Its here.  Its the time of year where you have more papers due than meals.  The time when its best not to make direct eye contact with someone.  The time.

Tri Delta dances their way to first place in SING! and wins the first annual homecoming cup!

The SU Homecoming Cup Runneth Over


Brady Kent (Class of 2013) gets his game face on as he leads his team to.

Tri Delta's Catwalk to End Fat Talk

Catwalk to End Fat Talk


Dara Harmon, President of Alpha Delta.

Bacterial Colonies

Bug Burgers and Other Science Adventures

Science majors at any university or college are expected to take a lot of lab classes.  Personally, I do not truly understand what the heck we are talking about in.

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Coming Soon…from the sciences

It is hard to believe that Senior year has started! It feels like yesterday that I was standing in the middle of my freshman dorm after my.