Reason #60


Reason #24: Admission to NCAA athletic competitions is free.

Reason #60: Our student body is passionate about service! We have 10+ service organizations including: Operation Achievement, Circle K International, Best Buddies, APO, Students for Environmental Activism & Knowledge (SEAK), Student Peace Alliance (SPA), Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, and Kappa Delta Chi.



Reason #12: Our mascot is a pirate. Need more be said?

Reason # 89: You can get credit for taking lessons in guitar, piano, voice,  violin, and almost any instrument imaginable.

Reason #46: We are with in walking distance of El Charrito’s breakfast tacos.

Reason #29: Xbox, billiards, shuffleboard, board games, TV, and great food are always available at the Cove.

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  5. when I was at Southwestern, I always enjoyed watching the sporting events going on around campus.

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