You can’t resist this picture…

Pit Bull Rescue

Its here.  Its the time of year where you have more papers due than meals.  The time when its best not to make direct eye contact with someone.  The time when you fall asleep with textbooks in your bed and highlighters in your hand.  Its finals time.

Finals time definitely provides a sense of community for all college students.  We study together, we work together, and most importantly, we complain together. But after two weeks of cramming and crunching, its over and we are rewarded with a month-long Christmas break that is the epitome of lazy.

This is my seventh round of finals and I would like to think that I have gotten pretty good at it.  But that maybe a lie.  Each year I feel as stressed as ever, but the good thing that seven finals week has shown me is that we can ALL make it through and we can ALL pass.  This year I have four papers and three finals within a ten day period, and for the most part, I am dreading every single one of them.  Except for one paper.

For my Global Environmental Justice class, we all had to work on a civic engagement project related to the environment for the entire semester.  We each got to pick what we wanted to work and then present it to the class and write a reflections paper on it.  This may be one of my favorite projects I have done here at SU and was probably the most insightful.  It is also a great example of how SU professors are constantly thinking outside of the box to challenge students and get them involved in their coursework.  For the semester, I chose to work on pit bull rescue projects in both Austin and Georgetown.  At first I did it because I love dogs and I thought volunteering at an animal shelter would make the hours go by fast, but I focused on pit bulls after I realized how many shelter dogs are listed as pit bulls and never adopted.

Every couple of weeks I would go to the Georgetown Animal Shelter and Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter and talk with adoption consultants about the pit bulls in the shelter.  I also went to the Texas-Sized Pittie Parade in Austin in November.  This annual festival brings together pit bull owners and pit bull rescue groups in order to spread awareness about these awesome dogs.  If I did not already have a puppy, chances are very good I would have taken four home.

So as I go through the next couple of weeks slaving over tests and papers, I know that I am excited to write at least one of them!



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  1. Diane Tenorio says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t bring a “pittie” home. Yay acorn! and…I want that kittie.

  2. It looks very cute. Thank you.

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