1940s Radio Hour (Faking It Until You Make It)


Only two weeks left. Where did my semester go? But seriously, it’s almost finals and I have no clue where all of my time went. Not that I’m complaining that it’s almost Christmas break. Instead of writing about the daunting two weeks ahead, why don’t we rewind and talk about the past few weeks, instead?

I just wrapped up my Thanksgiving break, which was wonderful, but before that, I did musical direction for our main stage production of 1940s Radio Hour. It was my first time providing direction for a mainstage show in college, but I had been doing musical direction since I was a junior in high school. Unfortunately, this was my first time working with a full band. Let me preface this by saying I had never taken a conducting class in my life. Fortunately, my friend Katie met with me to go over some basics, but that was it. Needless to say, I was terrified, and it didn’t help that our trumpet player, Bud, had played in the Lawrence Welk show and our clarinetist, Pete, had played in the pit of both Fiddler on the Roof and Man of La Mancha. ¬†Our first rehearsal was, to be honest, a little rough. I didn’t quite ever manage to shake off my nerves, but, the band did their best to follow my shaky conducting.

Fast forward to the sing-through with the cast. Miraculously, between Tuesday and Friday, things had come together. The sing-through was beyond smooth and during one of our breaks, Pete congratulated me on how well he thought I was doing. I about wet myself.

Although, like any live art experience, there were always some hitches, the process succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. The band rocked and encouraged me through every step of the short journey. And, of course, the cast blew me away nightly.

After that whirlwind wrapped up (sorry for mixing my metaphors), I celebrated a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday with my family. Since this is getting a little lengthy, I’ll go ahead and close off so I can get some rest before my early EARLY flight back to Austin tomorrow morning. Adios!

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