The thing about London is…very few rubbish bins


I found this babydoll on the ground! I guess some people think I’m unsanitary…?

Harrod’s. They sure do go big.

These dresses have been to the Oscar’s.

Oh, just a crystal ball on a stick next to a crystal mirror.

More fun baubles at Harrod’s…

A few interesting works of art, aaaaand a few trite works of art. I’d have to classify this little gem as the latter.

These are shoes. And people wear them.

The chandelier room.

Me and my pals.

There was a point in time where I would have traded my soul for this dollhouse.

And what’s not to love about this remote-controlled, floating Nemo?

I would have definitely bought this puppy if I could easily get him back to the states and if he weren’t 3,000 pounds. True statement.

HALLOWEEN! Chola, sheriff, feral cat. Best friends.

The morning.

A breakfast place we discovered!

You tell ’em!

This night was just…absurd. We went to the Ministry of Sound (one of Europe’s largest clubs). Amazing.

A pretty view on the way to Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Christmas Crackers in London! I can already smell the peppermint and hear the jingle bells.

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  1. Korepetycje says:

    The pic with the bears is the best! Love it!

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