The SU Homecoming Cup Runneth Over

Tri Delta dances their way to first place in SING! and wins the first annual homecoming cup!



Students and alumni did some major damage to hundreds of pounds of Duke's BBQ during the Homecoming Picnic. The weather was perfect, the birds were chirping, and the bbq sauce was flowing.

Brady Kent (Class of 2013) gets his game face on as he leads his team to the Capture the Flag tournament finals.

Balloons= $10. Posters= $7. Candy= $10. Two Mini Coopers the exact same colors as our chapter colors? Priceless.

This past weekend, Southwestern had its annual homecoming celebration.  Even though there is no football game during the course of the weekend (at least not until 2013!), students and alumni still have a blast in a very unique Southwestern way.

Homecoming thrives off of friendly rivalry and competition between the student organizations on campus.  This year, organizations competed for the very first Homecoming Cup by playing Capture the Flag, participating in the annual Homecoming Parade, and by making fools of themselves in SU’s annual talent show, “SING!”  Winners of each competition were given cash prizes and the chance to win the big shiny homecoming cup.

Check out these pictures of events from the weekend!  Tri Delta took home the very first homecoming cup after we placed first at SING!  Over 10 student organizations competed in SING! and it was a huge success.  The theme of this year was “Southwestern on the Silver Screen,” and you better believe that people fully embraced the chance to dance around in their underwear on stage, “Risky Business” style.  Stay tuned for a link to the SING! video of the entire performance.

Although the competition and games that we all play during Homecoming are exciting, the best part is getting to meet up with friends that recently graduated and meet those people that graduated not so recently.  I met a couple of women from the class of 1962 and listened to their stories about SU.  Times have certainly changed since then but they still love the SU campus and all of the students on it.  Students from the class of 1986 tossed back a few beers with seniors in the Alumni Hospitality Tent and even came and danced until 2:00 in the morning with students at the fraternity houses!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend!  It is very strange to think that this will be the last time I will go through homecoming as a student, but I can’t wait to experience it as an alumna.  At least it will be nice not to have to worry about doing homework after a weekend like this.

President Barcus strolls with students through all of the floats at the Homecoming Parade. Yes, he is creepy, but he is a Southwestern legend.

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