Barcelona Parte Dos


The neat thing about this city…lots of lions to climb on.
La Boqueria: this adorable group saw me taking pictures of some ladies and got jealous.


Yeah, I like taking pictures of buildings.




A very classy neighborhood.


This man lived there!


Awww :)


An advertisement I was obsessed with. You can’t really see the details, but there was a lot of water. Just trust me.


Wasn’t as glamorous as you may thing. There was water hiding all over the cement part.


Getting ready at Pooria’s. He’s so sweet!


Best food of the entire trip.


Busy streets.


Don’t ask questions.


America’s Next Top Model Season 7 (I believe) had its final fashion show here.


The lizard/dragon!


So many pretty things!


I need these in my future home.


A man with a violin. Great for setting the scene.


Typical writing in the sand photo




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