Snowstorm in Barcelona! Not really though.


The lighting is always perfect in Barcelona.


Side note: It was late. I was tired. Some of my “t”s have no arms. Please don’t judge them.


You’re probably all wondering how I get my skin to glow like that. It’s this great foundation I use in order to make my skin appear translucent.


A wall I like.


La Boqueria!


I like to live life on the edge.


Is this how I come across when I speak Spanish?
A bridge of all things illegal!


You find the best juices in Barcelona!


The Roxy Club


La Segrada Familia. Fun fact: Orwell called it “one of the most hideous buildings in the world.” I’ve seen more hideous.


Don’t worry. I realize my photos often portray me as a stalker.


Taking a picture of every tenth or so building = modern-day breadcrumb trail.
Some of Picasso’s versions of Las Meninas.


Heading to La Hospital de San Pau, which has been under construction for something like 100 years.


Obligatory dog photo. But look! He has a water bottle in his mouth!


Peaceful times at the beach


Ahhh, Barcelona. So free.


The view from Pooria’s house!


An Iranian feast! We ate something called “Smokey Fish” and also rice and some other things with long names!


This is my favorite kind of book. It’s made entirely of chocolate.


If there are sweets around, I will find them.


And this picture signifies the end of Barcelona Part One. But not to worry. There’s been talk of a sequel.


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