Guest Blog: Shawna Kilbourn

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I grew up in a small town in cold north of Michigan. I went to a community college first in Michigan after graduating High School at the age of 17. I was good for me to explore myself and learn what I wanted to do in an environment that was really close to home. After graduating with my associates degree I had planned on taking a semester off before going to a major university. Unfortunately during that time my mother become ill. I willingly gave up going to school for a while to move home and care for her.

After three almost four years, it was time for me to realize my dream of a college degree and focus on myself for a little while. I decided to move to Texas because the it was really hard to find work in Michigan at the time. I would be paying my own way and I needed  to have a job while going to school. Austin, Texas seemed to growing with job opportunities. So I moved here when my aunt and uncle offered me a place to stay while I got on my feet. It took about 6 months but I found a job and began looking at school.

When coming to a state as big as Texas, I looked for a colleges that gave me a taste of home. Southwestern stood out because of the programs that they offered and still maintaining a small campus life. I wanted the on-campus experience that I had not experienced yet. My coming to Southwestern was more about rediscovering myself and was a very personal journey not just an academic one, even though academics are important.

Transferring to Southwestern was one of the biggest changes I made in my life but also one of the most positive. By coming to Southwestern, I have been able to explore new ways of thinking, realizing that I can be strong on my own, and can have balance in my life between having a responsibility to myself and to those I love.

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  1. Shawna Kilbourn awesome pics! specially the first one is breathtaking!!

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