Guest Entry: Advanced Entry Seminar for Transfers


From Alex Parris…guest blogger!

Coming to Southwestern University was the best decision I’ve ever made.
I know that may sound clichéd, but I really believe it! I also have a tendency to say some pretty corny things.

I visited the school during Fall Break (without realizing it when we scheduled the tour) so there were not many students on campus. However, the few I was able to meet were immediately welcoming! Everyone I spoke to at Southwestern was so friendly, a harsh contrast to some other schools that I was considering. Not only did Southwestern accept and encourage transfers, they seemed to actually want me to become a part of this small community.

When acceptance letters started coming in, the only school I really wanted to hear from was Southwestern! When it finally arrived, it was obviously good news because in January of 2011, I was moving into my new dorm room and ready to start the next chapter of my life.

I think the Advanced Entry Seminar is one of the things that really led to my feelings of adoration for SU. Coming in as a Spring Transfer can be a very strange feeling. You kind of sneak into the school and nobody really notices that you weren’t there before. Since there were only 17 of us, it helped us bond as a transfer class, though we all came from such different backgrounds. One of my favorite parts of being a transfer here is that everyone had different experiences to bring to the discussion in our Advanced Entry Seminar.

My best friends at Southwestern are those that I met in my AES, which is something I’m incredibly thankful for. I’ve never felt more accepted by a group of people than I did when I came to SU, and I try to embody that same spirit when meeting and speaking to anyone I encounter on campus.

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