My hope is your story will be about changing


Thames River Festival
Dionne Bromfield (very talented British popstar/the late, Amy Winehouse’s, goddaughter) and her backup dancers who acted out the boyfriend roles in all of her songs…they were not entirely believable.
Can someone please explain to me the physics of this man’s shoes? And the significance of the 7 of clubs…
Professor Fosdal took us on a day trip to Brighton!
Brighton Pier
This was going to be a lovely photograph of us smiling. But a wave hit. A freezing wave.
This is in The Royal Pavilion. Taking this picture was illegal, but I did it for the good of the people and it was for all the right reasons. I like to think of myself as something of a Robin Hood figure.

Brellies! A must-have fashion piece for any London closet!
“Yeah, definitely! Just meet me at the corner of Frostic Walk Hall Drive and Hoolka Dadka Guryaha Deggan Road.”
Oh, just the final six contestants on Russia’s Next Top Model doing a challenge at Spitalfield Market in London.
Brick Lane
Wait, you don’t all dress as Barbadian dancers in your classes? That’s weird.
Before heading to the Notting Hill Arts Club for Katelyn’s Birthday Part 1.
Her majesty
We purchased, crafted, chopped, and tossed the most delicious meal! And by we I mean Beeza purchased, crafted,  chopped, and tossed the most delicious meal and I cut the fruit.
Katelyn’s Birthday part 2 at a Burlesque dance club called the Cellar Door, which is literally a cellar door in the ground that takes two hours to locate. This is the DJ.
A night of hilarity with some of my favorite people.


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