Back in Texas



After shooting this video, I realized how much stuff I left out!

Here’s a quick list:
  • Am also involved in a Paideia honors course called: Liberal Arts and Techonology. After having been gone for a year, I’m getting back up to speed and learning a bunch about Dave Eggers. Last night, we had our Paideia meeting over Google Plus video chat!
  • A sweet visit from KV
  • Crepes with Carolina
  • Ice Cream with Kate
  • Found a potential partner for Campus Insight! Can’t wait to get started.
  • I actually hosted my first ever couch surfer Sunday evening. Like me, this fellow couldn’t believe he’d find anyone in Georgetown, but low and behold! A very fascinating fellow; he’d been traveling all over the US, and made a stop here before taking a flight to Chicago. I’ll have to read up on his economic theory sometime.

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  1. Korepetycje says:

    Collin your video is funny!

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