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It is hard to believe that Senior year has started! It feels like yesterday that I was standing in the middle of my freshman dorm after my parents dropped me off. I can remember staring at my roommate thinking, “Ok, what now? What happens next?” And what happened next was that I completely fell in love with this place and everything about it.

Over the last three years, I have written more papers, read more books, and attended more lectures than I could have imagined as a high school student. But at the same time, I have planned an on-campus concert, travelled with Southwestern President Jake Schrum, made a fool of myself onstage at SING!, played in three dodgeball tournaments, and went wading in the San Gabriel River for snails- not to mention meeting the friends I will have for the rest of my life and getting to know some of the most amazing professors in this state.

The college application process is a blast, but it can also be scary. I probably checked my mailbox four times a day my senior year of high school waiting for my acceptance letters. And everyone always wonders about picking the wrong school, and I admit it, I was worried too. But you can be rest assured that for each person there will come a moment when you will say “This is it. This is the school for me.” And then something happens when you get to school that makes you think, ‘Wow. I really did make the right choice!” I had my moment at about 1:30 on a Thursday night, six days after I moved to campus. The campus police let out the pirate bikes and about 40 of the first years were out riding around on these bright yellow bikes in the middle of the night. You never forget your first pirate bike ride…

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