Looking at colleges can be a difficult, challenging, and exciting process. You may have parents suggesting possible options, a high school guidance counselor advising you on fit, or your own opinions regarding the qualities that your ideal college should hold.

Southwestern’s academic atmosphere, dorm and social life and extracurricular activities can best be explained by those of us who live here. To allow you to see the many possibilities that attending Southwestern can bring, we want these journal entries to reflect what Southwestern is through our eyes. Each of us posting journals has a unique view of the school – we are from different cities, each involved in different activities, live in different residence halls and have different majors.

Facts and figures alone can’t explain what it’s like to walk around campus on a sunny day, play on one of Southwestern’s athletic teams or make your first ‘A’ in a college course. These are our lives; hopefully they will help you decide how you want to live yours.

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