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New tools added to voyager catalog

This week two new tools were added to the Smith Library Center’s Voyager Catalog: Cite This Item is located in the Actions box on the right side of all item records. The Cite This Item link will open a new … Continue reading

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Some of the Best Free Web Sites

These are some of my favorite websites that make me stay around, either for the content, the graphics, as well as the amount of information available to me.  And of course, credibility of the website is always important to me.  … Continue reading

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Student rejects Grad School Cafe

As if applying to graduate school isn’t stressful enough, now there’s an entire website dedicated to feed your mental breakdowns and make you feel even worse about yourself: thegradcafe.com. It’s more of a time waster than Facebook, and it has … Continue reading

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Texting a Complicated Form of Communication

I wait. I wait. It’s on silent. That way there’s hope. At least a little. The screen is face down. Maybe when I turn it over the little red light will blink its happy little blink. Maybe not. I feel … Continue reading

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Is the Final Frontier closer than we think?

Star Trek’s vision of the future and the iPad. Continue reading

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