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Tea Party or Tea Baggers?

The Tea Party, at first, seemed to emerge out of nowhere. Initially, it was just groups of people getting together to protest the stimulus package/bailout that came out of our government. They didn’t see themselves as one coherent movement, but … Continue reading

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Recovery last week, Health Care Next Week

The past week “inside the beltway” has been a politically eventful one. Probably the highlight for me, a democrat, was the campaign launched by the White House and Democratic National Committee on the one year anniversary of the Recovery Act. Continue reading

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Apple's Big Ass iPod Touch

A few weeks ago, Apple announced it was releasing a tablet known as the iPad. The iPad ended up being a giant iPod Touch, but with enhanced applications that make use of the bigger screen of the iPad, as well … Continue reading

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Obama is mislabeled as a “socialist”

The word “socialist” is being inappropriately applied to Obama and Democrats in general. We’ve all heard the word since the 2008 election. Recently, with conservative ire at the large budget deficit and health care, it’s being thrown about a lot … Continue reading

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Nice guy Conan finishes last

Prior to the Leno vs. O’Brien meltdown, my late-night allegiance was clear to all. Every night I would stop whatever it was I was doing and turn to Comedy Central to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I hadn’t given … Continue reading

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Republicans playing politics hurting them, their future

With a current national debt of over $12 trillion and a deficit of around $1.35 trillion for 2010, debt and deficit reduction is rightfully at the top of America’s current concerns with the government. Fiscal responsibility, spending freezes, budget cuts … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Extremism in a Coffee Shop

I’ve thought about the Afghan war effort from a lot of different angles, and I’ve experienced a great deal of internal conflict regarding it’s merits, justifications, and chances of success Continue reading

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Name Change Would (SU)ck

“Where do you go to school?” “Southwestern University.” “Oh. Where is that?” Students at Southwestern probably encounter that little conversation a great deal, especially from curious adults who really could care less about from where we are getting our higher … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Did the Right Thing Regarding Corporations

Recently, the Supreme Court overturned two legal precedents that banned corporations from contributing money to campaigns. The issue, according the majority opinion, went beyond electioneering. According to Anthony Kennedy, it was about freedom of speech. As he stated in the … Continue reading

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New White House Strategy + Quick Hits

If there was a word of the week (besides snow) it would be bipartisanship. It’s a word that the White House is trying to grab a hold of in order to paint Republicans as mindlessly dedicated to disrupting Obama’s administration. Continue reading

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Texting a Complicated Form of Communication

I wait. I wait. It’s on silent. That way there’s hope. At least a little. The screen is face down. Maybe when I turn it over the little red light will blink its happy little blink. Maybe not. I feel … Continue reading

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Avatar: Impressive, but Classic?

After over a month since its premiere, James Cameron’s “Avatar” is still receiving critical attention. Audiences are still pouring into theaters and IMAX showings are still selling out. And now “Avatar” has won a Golden Globe and received several nominations … Continue reading

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