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It's called governing

Hey Guys, President Obama signed the Health Care Reconciliation package on Tuesday. Finally, Health Care Reform is official. The Reconciliation package included MAJOR student aid reform measures as well. The legislation projects a $425 increase to the maximum Pell Grant … Continue reading

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HCR: signed

The House approved the Senate bill, and of course, it was signed into law today by the President. Expect some modifications to come in the Senate’s reconciliation process, but other than this is pretty much a done deal. Continue reading

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Sustainability: Not just a fad

I find it fascinating when new words appear on the horizon of human culture. Through some perceived need, a novel concept emerges in the peripheries of language and begins to reshape dialogue. I imagine that the word “sustainability” first sailed … Continue reading

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Governor David in (non)scandel

On the night of Tuesday, Feb. 16, a story came out that negated the news cycle about said story that had preceded its release, but by that point no one cared. News of the story had first come into wide … Continue reading

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Word Up: Defining liberal and conservative

As a self-avowed environmentalist, gay marriage supporter, pro-choice supporter and reader of The New Yorker, most people would call me a liberal. However, I would disagree with that label. To me, the terms “liberal” and “conservative” have become increasingly confused … Continue reading

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SPA: Have Peace In Mind

Editor’s Note: We had some issues in posting this article up in a timely fashion. This was written for before the SPA conference on the weekend of February 28. Often, when I’m driving to or from school on I-35, I … Continue reading

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Photo Retouching is a Fake Reality

“Sometimes when you work in advertising you’ll get a product that’s really garbage and you have to make it seem fantastic, something that is essential to the continued quality of life.” – Augusten Burroughs Blame it on the media, if … Continue reading

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Another Writer Reminisces About Their Childhood

In the wake of beginning a new decade in the 21st century are you finding yourself missing the 90s? Being born in the middle of 1991 made me a little late to the festivities, but I can still party like … Continue reading

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Celebrities and Philanthropy

Hollywood: Land of opulent wealth and angelic do-gooders looking to make a change for the better in the world. (Wait. What?) While not all celebrities are as good and as pure as Oprah when it comes to philanthropic endeavors, every … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Summit and what may be next

You may have heard that President Obama was once a Professor at University of Chicago Law School. After Thursday’s 7 1/2 hour summit, it looked like he never actualy retired. Continue reading

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Nineties Nostalgia

I am proud to be a child of the nineties. There was nothing more enjoyable than walking home everyday after school and watching Arthur, Pinky and the Brain, and Rocko’s Modern Life as I listened to NSYNC during the commercial … Continue reading

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Republican candidates in review

With the Republican gubernatorial primary on March 2, the race is beginning to heat up. Currently, there are three contenders – Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Debra Medina. Perry, the governor of Texas since 2000 when he took over … Continue reading

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