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Bookstore Takes the Cake & Your Money

Written by Hannah Yterdal Megaphone Staff Writer I stared at the little plaque-thing stuck under the stack of books. I’d sort of lost the feeling in my face, but I was pretty sure I looked ill. I felt in my … Continue reading

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Smoking Pot: The Best Illegal Past Time

Written by Michael Morgan Megaphone Staff Writer Peter McWilliams, author of the book “Ain’t Nobody’s Business if you Do”, discovered he had both cancer and AIDS in 1996. He also was one of the many patients that experienced extreme nausea … Continue reading

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Humor Belongs on the Back Page

Written by Hannah Adkinson The majority of the editorials in last week’s issue of The Megaphone (Issue 10) demonstrated an unfortunate increase in the use of a sarcastic, dismissive writing style that makes light of serious issues and appears to … Continue reading

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Sodexho Employees Distraught at Insensitive Claims Against the Quality of Commons Food

Written by Aaron Thomsen I should begin with an apology, because this article is long overdue; however, since it attempts to rectify what I perceive as a careless wrong, I felt best guided by thoughtful deliberation, and I have always … Continue reading

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Racism is Alive and Well, and Here at SU

Written by Vickie Valadez This morning, on the day that I intended to write this story about dominant Eurocentricity on campus, I woke up with Alanis Morrissette’s “Ironic” playing in my head. Not really related to the subject matter at … Continue reading

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Parents Should Decide if Their Kids Receive Birth Control, Not Middle Schools

Written by Regan Lemley As a junior high girl, I wasn’t too concerned about sex or pregnancy or STDs. I cared about basketball, pink nail polish, sleepovers and my annoyingly painful braces. Getting a coke after school with friends was … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Invades the Public Media

Written by Caitlyn Buckley I am an information junkie. I have a strange desire to know everything that I can possibly know, preferably immediately. I watch news on the television, I read online news, and I read newspapers whenever I … Continue reading

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What Does Environmentalism have to do with World Peace?

Written by Sam Allen Bollocks, I say. But to what you may ask? Here’s the situation: Mister Albert Arnold Gore Jr. and the United Nations won the Nobel Peace Prize. Sounds good enough. But what did they win it for? … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Years: Southwestern Neglects Sophomore and Junior Housing

Written by Matthew Maschino New apartments, new buildings, and new renovations are springing up all over campus, giving Southwestern an incredible facelift. With all this construction, it is unfortunate that some of the university’s most heavily used residence halls are … Continue reading

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Plastic Surgery: Becoming Barbie

Written by Regan Lemley Does the name Nicole Scherzinger ring any bells? If her name doesn’t, her face will. She’s the lead singer of raunchy pop group The Pussycat Dolls, and she is in ownership of the ideal American female … Continue reading

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Oral Male Contraceptives: Move Over, Condom!

Written by Meg Susong. Ever since the 1960’s, when birth control pills became a widespread option for women in America, women have been able to control and protect themselves more efficiently. Of course, there were condoms, but those relied on … Continue reading

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Racism & The Jena Six

Written By Hannah Yterdal Let’s play a quick game of Taboo. Okay, here we go. It has to do with color. It’s ugly. You can find it at any American high school. You can find it here on campus. It’s … Continue reading

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