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Senior Class Celebrates 100 days until Graduation

Thursday, Jan. 28, Southwestern’s Senior Giving Council invited SU seniors to the Landmark Tavern to celebrate their last hundred days as Pirates. Southwestern seniors were invited to come to the new bar for happy hour and were even treated to … Continue reading

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Twitter not that great, except when it is

As a person who is not a Twitter-er, but chose to take this assignment out of interest, I must admit the whole culture of letting everyone know what you are doing at any given time kind of freaks me out. … Continue reading

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Artist of The Week: Hockey

Berthold Auerbach’s quote, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” can describe Hockey, the Artist of the Week. While listening to Hockey, you will be refreshed by their energetic music. Hailing from Portland, Hockey is a … Continue reading

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Improvise This!

Cooper Street – a thoroughfare not known to any city in our country, but familiar nonetheless to us Southwestern students. As the university’s resident improv troupe, the group’s members have been instigating hilarity on campus for as long as many … Continue reading

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Avatar: Impressive, but Classic?

After over a month since its premiere, James Cameron’s “Avatar” is still receiving critical attention. Audiences are still pouring into theaters and IMAX showings are still selling out. And now “Avatar” has won a Golden Globe and received several nominations … Continue reading

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Austin hosts 3rd annual Fashion Freakout

Movies like The Devil Wears Prada or shows like Project Runway foster our perceptions of the fashion culture to be elitist and high in standard and designer price tags. A February fashion show in Austin annually fights against this very … Continue reading

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RJD2’s new album disappoints old fans

RJD2 is a bit of a hero in the underground hip-hop circuit, guest-spotting for rappers like Aesop Rock, Murs, Atmosphere and many more on his old label, Definitive Jux. He gained my respect early on in my music listening days … Continue reading

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Cool Beans: Discovering Coffee Beyond Starbucks

In Ancient China, the Forbidden Palace was a sacred place reserved for the Imperial family and high priests who forged the destiny of the empire. Today, there is a Starbucks in the center of it. All the culture of China … Continue reading

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