Mr.Homecoming 2012

The Alumni Association named Dr. Eric Selbin this year's Mr.Homecoming. Photo by Erica Grant

By Hannah Steen

Every year, the Alumni Association elects a professor to serve as the year’s Mr./Ms. Homecoming. This year, Mr. Homecoming is none other than Dr. Eric Selbin.

The Alumni Association chooses Mr. Homecoming based on a variety of reasons, and student nominations play a big role in who is chosen. The naming of Mr./Ms. Homecoming began in 1965, and it has become an honored tradition. As Mr. Homecoming, Selbin judged the Homecoming parade on Saturday, as well as attending the picnic on the mall and an Alumni hospitality party following the parade.

“I am extremely flattered, Selbin said. “I like to think [I was chosen] because of the ways I work with students. One of the fabulous things about a school like Southwestern is that students who become Alums stay in touch with faculty, and faculty, of course, are delighted to stay in touch with them. It’s just such an honor.”

Selbin has been at the university for 20 years and does many things around campus. He is a Professor of Political Science and currently teaches a Latin American Politics class that brings together people from many different departments. Selbin recently finished teaching a First Year Seminar (FYS) course that he has taught for 13 years entitled “Secret History: What if everything you “know” is wrong?”

“I had a fabulous run at teaching the Secret History course, which has been so much fun and I think has led a surprising number of students to keep in touch with me,” Selbin said. “They keep sending me things as they run across them in the world that they think relate to that class. In some ways, it feels like they’re all still in the class.”

In addition to his teaching duties, he has had a busy semester outside of the classroom working on articles and mapping out his next two books. Selbin also gave a talk about revolution at Austin Community College on Halloween.

While Selbin did not attend a small liberal arts college, he discovered that it was the type of atmosphere that he wanted to teach in during his years in graduate school. Since then, he has set his focus on the students.

“I’m just so happy to be here and that it’s worked really well,” Selbin said. “It’s been about the students, and that’s why I came here and why I stayed here. I’m so appreciative. I get so much energy and excitement and joy from working with [students] that it’s just fabulous. It’s really wonderful.”

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