Spaghetti Dinner to Raise Funds: Student Congress Plans Event to Replace Stolen Pennants

Planning is in progress for a Spaghetti Dinner to be held by Student Congress soon after Homecoming Weekend. The dinner will act as a fundraiser to replace the SU pennants and welcome signs that were stolen from Georgetown recently.
Sophomore and Student Congress member Sarah Cook has worked with Assistant Director of Student Activities Jason Chapman to organize the event. Student Congress will charge attendees for spaghetti and desserts made by its members. The date and location are to be determined.
“Student Congress has worked for years on our relationship with Georgetown,” Cook said. “[These pennants] were so important, because businesses pulled out-of-pocket to pay for them and show support for the same students who stole them.”

Three pennants from the square went missing shortly after they were put up at the beginning of the school year, as well as two signs welcoming students back to town. These stood in front of the local HEB and the First United Methodist Church. Student Congress assumes it was students who stole them.

“We’re assuming it’s students,” Cook said. “We have been hoping [the pennants] would be returned or we could find who stole them. Whoever has them can anonymously drop them off in the Student Activities office. It’s in the university’s best interests that they should be returned.”
The pennants are worth $100 each, and local businesses had ordered them from students to show support for the school.
“Student Congress members had gone door-to-door selling these,” Cook said. “From what I’ve heard, these businesses are frustrated and upset. I’m expecting it to be almost $1,000 to replace the pennants and signs. They showed an established and positive connection between the University and Georgetown. Community members have had bad stereotypes of college students, and we’ve had to fight that. We want to show those members that we do want this connection.”
As an effort to heal that relationship, the Spaghetti Dinner will be open to students, faculty and staff. The money raised by selling tickets to the Dinner will go toward replacing the stolen signs and pennants.
“Personally, driving into Georgetown and seeing those signs at the beginning of the semester was really nice,” Cook said. “I want to continue seeing that relationship fostered and take steps forward instead of back.”

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