New Student Organizations: Students Establish Four Groups

By Joana Moreno

The university’s fall semester begins with a new record in student initiatives. Unlike previous years in which SU founded only one or two new groups, this year four new student organizations have established themselves and are looking for members.

Tau Sigma is a national honor society designed specifically for transfer students. The group focuses on recognizing and promoting the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. The organization was co-founded by junior David Boutte, a transfer student himself.

“This is a quote about how lovely and wonderful the transfer students are and how much we would love to add them to our society,” Boutte said.

For those students passionate about economics, the Southwestern University Economics Club focuses on U.S. economics and what one can do with an economics degree after college. Sessions often include professor support and long-term thinking.

“It’s an excellent outlet to discuss economics concepts,” junior economics and business double major Brooke Chatterton said.

Trouvères is all about poetry. They focus on exploring poetry in multiple aspects, from writing it to discussing it, all while appreciating it. The organization has already hosted a poetry writing workshop and plans to sponsor spoken word artist Anis Mojgani and a poetry reading/open mike event later in the semester.

“I joined the club in order to motivate myself to write more outside of classes,” junior Jacob Brown said. “There’s no better way to get involved in writing for pleasure than to immerse yourself in a community that does the same. My ambition for the club is that it will someday produce works of visual poetry that students, faculty and visitors of the campus can enjoy.”

FACE AIDS is an awareness and fundraising group that focuses on global health equity, specifically dealing with HIV/AIDS. Leaders from the group began to promote their organization last spring and are enthusiastic about actively working for this cause in the new academic year.

“[FACE AIDS] functions to empower the youth to get up and make a lasting, positive difference in their world,” junior biology major Michelle Moses said.

The increase and variety of organizations speaks well of Southwestern’s student-driven atmosphere.
“One of the best things about Southwestern is that, if there’s not an organization that fits your needs, we’re willing to start new ones,” Assistant Director of Student Activities Jason Chapman said.

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