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Boesak Discusses Justice, Peace: Wilson Lecture Hosts Anti-Apartheid Leader

By Devin Corbitt Chair of the Western Cape region of the African National Conference; President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches; founder of the United Democratic Front; and leader of South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement: these are just a few … Continue reading

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National Hazing Prevention Week Comes to Close

By Colin Malone National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) ties up today after five days and two events focused around spreading knowledge about hazing and preventing it. Jason Chapman, Assistant Director of Student Activities, organized the events. “When people talk about … Continue reading

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Friends, Fans, Families Show Support: Power Up Pirates Weekend Celebrate Athletics

By Marin Bramblett Family, fans, and prospective students donned their yellow and black in school spirit for the Power Up Pirates, Family Weekend, and Prospective Student-Athlete events last Saturday.With all of the events taking place and the extra people on … Continue reading

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Men’s Soccer Makes Comeback

By John Stickels The men’s soccer team will face Austin College on Friday, followed by a trip to Centenary College in Louisiana on Sunday. This will be the first time the Pirates play these teams this season. Last weekend the … Continue reading

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UPC Showcases FNL Events: Students Perform in the Friday Lineup

By Olivia Stephenson Sophomore Sarah Cook performed with her guitar and ukulele in front of a cheering crowd of supporters. Cook’s performance was one of many student talent showcases that the University Planning Council (UPC) will feature throughout the semester … Continue reading

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Reducing Employment: Degrees Add Advantage

By Jeffrey McKenzie In August, the unemployment rate fell from 8.3 to 8.1 percent. Unemployment among the 20-24 age group stands at 14.6 percent. Furthermore, there are an increasing number of graduates that are unable to find full-time jobs in … Continue reading

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Cullen Building Still in Progress

By Hannah Steen Part of the ongoing renovation process both inside and outside the Cullen building was completed in August. Now that the second and attic floors of the building are finished, the professionals who work there have moved back … Continue reading

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