Smith Library Center adds classes

By Areli Gutierrez

The Smith Library Center recently started offering a small series of classes in a series titles “The Librarian is IN”.

These 20-30 minute classes focus on a variety of different librarytopics designed to teach students how to properly distinguish different types of sources and how to use the various library resources as efficiently as they can.Theresa Zelasko, one of the librarians in the Smith Center, organizes these library classes.

“The library classes are a new series of brief classes designed to instruct students (and any interested staff or faculty) on library topics such as citations, certain databases, internet information sources, source credibility, and more,” Theresa said.

These courses are designed in with the students in mind, held in short sessions multiple times accommodating the many different schedules that students keep. Currently all these classes are headed by the librarians- Gina Bastone, Sarah Morris, and Theresa herself.

“So far, turn out has been decent and faculty have sent students for class credit,” she said.

The most recent class, titled “Scholarly vs Popular”, focused on how to differentiate between peer-reviewed sources and other publications. It was held three times-one time at the Library’s Coffee Bar and twice at the Commons.

“People, students especially, should attend these classes to get a “leg-up” on getting the most out of the library for their papers and projects…We realize students are very busy, so we wanted to provide short sessions where they can learn how to be more efficient researches and more discrimination consumers of information,” Theresa said.

The library classes aim to feel casual, providing a place where students can spend 20minutes learning how best to utilize all the information the library has to offer.

“So 20 minutes now could save them hours of time when researching. As always, we like to tell students if they can’t find something in 20 minutes, to ask a librarian for help.” she said.

The topics are based upon what students are interested in and range from Internet resources, such as Google Scholar and RefWorks, to citations.

“The classes are small and informal so students will feel comfortable learning libraryskills and information literacy in an open and welcoming environment,” Theresa said.

These classes are going to be continued, with more being held in the following months of March and April.

“We are indeed planning on continuing these classes. Look for more in March and April. The library’s Facebook page and our Twitter feed is an excellent way to keep up with the many happenings in the library. Classes are also listed in Campus Notices and on the library’s webpagenews-feed,” Theresa said.

Keep an eye out for flyers posted around the library and on the Campus newsletters for the new library classes.

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