Lacrosse Begins Season: Pirates Face-Off Against Goucher

By John Stickles

The SU mens lacrosse team faces off against Goucher in their first game of the season tomorrow
at 1 p.m.
Southwestern alumnus Bill Bowmen is set to lead a young team of athletes in his first season as
the head coach of the Pirate lacrosse team. Bowmen was on the lacrosse team during his term here as a
student and became an assistant coach after he graduated.
“I love it here at Southwestern. It’s where I’ve always wanted to be,” Bowmen said.
“We all really like Coach,” sophomore Michael Villa said. “His offensive system is  little different
from our last one, but I’m excited to be running something new. I think we can do great things with it.”
Villa is one of the sophomores with starting experience as a freshman, along with defender Cameron
“It should be exciting to see how a young team like ours matured,” Metzker said.
Being a member of a sports team can be challenging because of the SU workload, says Villa.
“It’s tough balancing classes with practices,” Villa said. “Some of the times on my classes overlap
with practice, so when I’m in class all I can think about is practice, and when I’m in practice all I can think
about is class.”
Proposed revisions to the so-called protected times would impose stricter rules on when
professors are allowed to schedule class study sessions, which could help student athletes focus on
both the student and athlete parts of their roles at Southwestern.
“We’re all huge fans of protected times,” Metzker said.

With the addition of field lights to the game field, the lacrosse team has been given more time to

“We have ten home games and for the first time we also have four night games,” Villa said. “Lacrosse is a very fast paced sport that’s exciting for players and fans alike. Everybody should come out
to the games.”
Bowmen says one of the team’s toughest matches this season will likely be against Hendrix.
“Colorado College won conference, but Hendrix is our biggest challenge. We’re very evenly
matched. Our last three games against them have all gone into overtime, so it’s always  a struggle,”
Bowmen said.

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