By: Joana J. Moreno

Seniors Rachel Hoovler and Kristi Brawner recently presented their capstone production of “Edges,” a work of musical theater by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Joined by junior Robert Frost and first-year Nick Kellogg, the actors performed the musical four times in one weekend in the Heather Jean McGaughey Black Box Theatre. Each performance had a full house.
“[Edges] has a lot of themes about coming of age, about becoming who you want to be, and about relationships,” Brawner said.
The seniors say they chose the work with their audience in mind.
“These were themes that we felt would be relevant to an audience that would come see our capstone. It was important that our work could be shared with an audience who could understand,” Hoovler said. “It was important that our work could be shared with an audience who could understand it.”
The stage itself played an important part in how the actors and audience interacted, according to Brawner.
“For us, these performances became very personal, intimate and vulnerable because we were in the Black Box,” Brawner said.
The show included a variety of songs.
“Some are gut-wrenching, some are really hopeful but all of them are very vulnerable. And so to make direct eye contact with an audience and to tell them your story is super vulnerable and super scary but also it stretches you as a performer,” Brawner said.
“Edges” does not have characters, which Hoovler says helped to make the performance personal.
“Because we weren’t playing characters, we brought so much of ourselves to the music,” Hoovler said.
Hoovler expressed her satisfaction with the production.
“I can’t imagine anything being better than what we just did,” Hoovler said.
Brawner agrees.
“I walked away feeling like I really accomplished something, like I really put up a capstone to be proud of and also grew as a performer in the process,” Brawner said.

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