Mask & Wig Promotes Theatre Arts

Southwestern is home to many theater majors and theater enthusiasts. The student organization Mask & Wig caters to their thespian needs.

“Our purpose is to make theater available to the campus and Georgetown outside of the official theater department,” junior Kate Longoria the Historian of Mask & Wig said.

Mask & Wig is an auxiliary theater organization comprised of about 20 students. The group does a variety of theater related things around campus.

“Particularly this year, we’ve been trying to get more involved on campus,” Longoria said.

Mask & Wig sells concessions at official theater productions, with all proceeds going straight back to the organization.

“We primarily fund capstones and individual theater projects. For example, I’m directinga black box play next semester and Mask & Wig is supporting me,” Longoria said.

Since last year, Mask & Wig has held an annual bake sale for Broadway Cares, an organization dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS. This year, the bake sale will be Nov. 30and Dec. 1 in the Bishops Lounge. Between 10-20% of the proceeds will be donated.

In the spring semester, Mask & Wig hopes to do a miscast concert.

“It will be like a gender swap, cabaret night,” President Abraham Ramirez said.

The group also puts on a spur of the moment event several times a semester called Lunch Box.

“We get together and have lunch in the black box. People workshop different projects they are working on and it’s open to everyone,” Longoria said.

These events give students additional help crafting their performance skills.

“The last time I went to Lunch Box it was a blast. Mask & Wig is the bomb,” junior Robert Frost said.

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