Superhero Movies Swooping In Influx of Superhero Movies to Create a Profit or for Fans’ Benefit

Superhero movies based on comic-book superstars have become some of the most popular movies on the market, as well as with products and games that are marketed out as well. They have been gaining more and more financial success over recent years, and have also been released in much greater numbers as more and more filmmakers seek to profit from the massively growing fan-base.

Although some fans complain about critics’ disdain for superhero movies, more superhero movies receive positive reviews than ones that receive negative reviews. However, some critics are also beginning to identify films such as “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” as the peak of the golden age in superhero cinema of the past decade, and expect somewhat of a decline in interest.

However, this summer alone, the box office successes were dominated by movies like “Thor” and “Captain America” with each movie gaining millions of dollars in publicity and merchandising. Many fans are excited for these products, although it is sometimes unclear whether it is hype for the heroes themselves or for “The Avengers” film Marvel has scheduled for next summer.

Marvel needed to release these movies in order to introduce major players in “The Avengers” plot so that fans will be familiar with them before next summer.
Rival comic company DC is also cashing in on the superhero fan base. While not receiving a great response this summer to “Green Lantern,” they are preparing for greater success next summer with the planned release of “The Dark Knight Rises” the long awaited conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

In 2012 the box office will be filled with superhero movies. The most highly anticipated are “The Avengers,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” a third “Iron Man” movie and a new reboot by Marvel of the “Spiderman” franchise.

Superhero movies are definitely popular in today’s growing economic climate.

“I think superheroes can give people hope that there is still good out there in the world even though in reality they don’t exist.” one student said. “I think superheroes represent a lot out in the world today and I don’t see them going away anytime soon.”

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