Students Utilize Extra Funding Source

There are several funds and grants that students can obtain to help fund creative projects, activities, events, trips, and other academic endeavors. Some of these include Community Chest, Emergency Funding, King Creativity Fund, and the McMichael Student Experience Enrichment Fund.

“Our sense is that the school’s willingness to monetarily assist motivated and eager groups such as ours shows the SU commitment to creativity and independent thinking,” Coach and Paideia professor Don Gregory said.

The McMichael fund is quickly approaching its application deadline. On November 11, applications are due for projects that meet the requirements of enrichment and diversity.

The McMichael fund is available for both co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that encourage students to be leaders, push towards a betterment of society, and enrich the lives of the SU community as a whole.

“A wide, ever-changing, variety of student projects are funded each year including travel to conferences and/or competitions for student organizations and the hosting of an on-campus events that enhance SU’s student life,” student life advisor Derek Timourian said.

The program is supported through a gift from alumna Sue Mood McMichael in honor of her husband, William A. McMichael. Each student awarded a grant is normally eligible for up to $800 for funding for direct expenses only or up to $2,400 for a group of 3 or more for the same experience.

“If one group is showing a passion to host a tremendous event, then the reward ought to go to the individuals willing to go beyond mere learning,” Gregory said.

In 2010-2011, 15 proposals were submitted for three different deadlines. Thirteen of those 15 proposals were approved and awarded funds that totaled $15,000.

Two projects were approved after the first deadline for the present semester. Those projects included two students attending the Collegiate Leadership Network Challenge in San Antonio, which was coordinated by the National Hispanic Institute, and a delegation of 8 students representing SU’s Model UN Club at the Model Organization of American States Conference hosted by St. Mary’s University in San Antonio.

“The McMichael Grant enabled our team to attend our first conference in 2009 and has been instrumental in continuing to fund our regional competition experiences as we are a two year old organization,” Model UN president Kate Hayden said.
With the help and support of the McMichael grants and other SU funding, the Model UN team has come back from competitions with four “outstanding delegate” awards and have become more integrated in the regional Model UN circuit.

One current project anticipating the deadline is Gregory’s Paideia cohort that is titled “Coping with Social Responsibility.” As seniors this year, they are looking to fund a symposium of speakers with the intention of presenting to the SU community a culmination of their studies from the past two and a half years on human trafficking.

“We are inviting to experts in the field of human trafficking and its origins to present to the overall SU community what we have studied and researched,” Gregory said.

“Our group has embraced the task of writing and submitting proposals. The energy is high, and the focus is on putting together an outstanding event for the school and local community.”

To those who meet the requirements of the grant, the money is a wonderful resource. However, there are many other projects and endeavors happening around the community that can benefit from funds that seem to be unaware they are available.

“It was in conversations with people across campus I respect very much that the resources available became a reality,” Gregory said. “We learned of the King Creativity, the D.E.C., Community Chest, among others. None of my coaching responsibilities or teaching duties has taken me into the school sponsored fund-raising. This is my first go with the McMichael.”

While the first deadline for applications is November 11, future applications will again be accepted for deadlines later this year.

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