Students Address Council

This week, a group of concerned students lead by junior Colin Berr gave presentations to the campus community and to the Georgetown City Council concerning the lack of public transportation in Georgetown. Berr was motivated to form the organization “S.U. Students for Public Transit” following a year spent in Germany.

“After a great study abroad experience in Germany, my eyes were really opened to the possibilities of public transit and what it can do for a community,” Berr said to the city council.

Berr and fellow speakers Grayson Edwards and Brandee Knight were joined at the council meeting by fellow members of S.U. Students for Public Transit, other students and Georgetown citizens.

The presenters outlined the ways in which public transportation would benefit the city.  Berr asserted that the economic benefits.

“According to statistics from the American Public Transit Association, or APTA, individuals in the city who switch to public transportation from automobile use can save about $819 monthly. That adds up to about $10,000 a year,” Berr said.

In addition to the economic benefits, Berr, Edwards, and Knight spoke of the ways in which public transportation can save lives, dispelled myths surrounding public transportation, and explained why they believed that Georgetown needs public transit.

The presentation to the campus and city council represents the first step in attempting to bring public transit to Georgetown. Going forward, organizers will need to cultivate continued public support and convince the council that an investment in public transportation is money well-spent.


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