Fire Relief Efforts

“A small spark neglected has often kindled a might conflagration.” Quintus Curtius’ words blister as the Texas hill country recovers from the September wildfires that have so recently affected thousands of local families. The Southwestern community understands the struggles that these events that have doused on students, neighbors, and friends, and this community remains an active one in aiding relief efforts. Southwestern students and staff have contributed support through donations, volunteer work, and several approaches that are uniquely

“I just think it’s really amazing that so many different organizations on the Southwestern
campus are willing to come together and help out the people in need,” said SU student Taylor

Student Council President, Brady Kent, shared a similar sentiment: “I think we’ll be able
to make a much bigger impact working together than working separately.”
Student Congress is continuing to accept cash donations and Dr. Joshua Long in Environmental Studies, a Bastrop county native, emphasizes the importance of cash donations, specifically.

“The most useful, effective, and direct way to provide relief is to donate money to the Bastrop County Ministerial Alliance,” he said. “They are organized and are completely volunteer driven, so funds will go directly to families that need help.”

In addition to this, Southwestern’s very own Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity is hosting their annual benefit concert in Pflugerville on Sept. 30 at 6:30 p.m. The tickets are $10 ahead of time and $15 at the door and the proceeds will go towards the relief efforts.

Students are also rallying together to offer assistance to the less-emphasized causes of community parks and animal shelters.

A discussion meeting will be held Wednesday, Sept. 21 in the second-floor break room of the Prothro Center at 12:45 p.m., and is open to any organizations looking for a way to help. It is important to continue taking these great strides of assistance to benefit our neighbors who have been so recently victimized by nature’s brutality.

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