“Lifeboats” Art Exhibit

Professor Mary Visser introduces Heather Carter at the Life Boats Gallery Reception.

Heather Carter makes sustainable living an art in her exhibition “Lifeboats”.
According to Carter, the 1994 Southwestern graduate, “Lifeboats started out as
taking things that have had a life before and honoring them.”

The exhibit consists of five pieces, all made from repurposed signs, wood, wire,
and trees. The piece “Tideline” leads the viewer through the exhibit with a series of
Carter’s favorite quotes, and creates an ocean for the other boat-inspired pieces attached
to the walls to float on.

“Boats have always been a big part of my work but using the idea of lifeboats changed it for me somehow,” Carter said. “It changed it into the idea of visualizing a seed pod or a place where you can be born out of and renewed – regenerated.”

The exhibit as a whole highlights the fact that environmental problems are human problems and invites the audience to engage in finding solutions for the betterment of our world.

Students examine Heather Carter's work.


Green living isn’t just an idea Carter touts with her art, but is instead a philosophy
that infuses her entire life. She lives completely off the grid with her family in
Wimberley, TX and consults with individuals and businesses that want to switch to more
sustainable practices through her website www.greenguru.org.

“Lifeboats” is on display in the Southwestern Fine Arts Gallery through
Sept. 29. For more information about Carter and her artwork, visit her website at

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