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Explore the Hill Country on horseback

Horseback riding is a classic pastime, and trail riding in particular invokes visions of sunsets and open land. Southwestern University is surrounded by the famed Texas Hill Country, and a trail ride is one way to take in the scenery, … Continue reading

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MegaPhood: Gluten free baking

A gluten intolerant friend of mine once expressed her frustration in describing her condition to others. “But what can you eat?” people would ask her. The answer is complex. Gluten intolerance is a broad term. Some people may confuse gluten … Continue reading

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Several suitors seek supercomputer’s sweet, sweet services

Audiences this past week were stunned as they watched “Jeopardy!” champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter lose a 3-day exhibition match to IBM’s artificial intelligence named Watson. With Watson’s defeat of the champs, several organizations are fighting over who will … Continue reading

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Science explains why love makes the heart go aflutter

Many people would probably agree that butterflies do, in fact, exist somewhere in our abdominal region and that they only become active when they sense the presence of somebody special. Whether you have labeled them as parasites or welcome insect … Continue reading

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Both parties continue to punt on budget deficit

Last week, Obama presented a $3.7 trillion budget. While this is enormous, it actually is a cut (for following years) – $33 billion cut in 2012 and about a trillion dollars over the next decade. Roughly two-thirds of the reduced … Continue reading

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2011 awards season: a recap

This year’s award season will draw to a close with the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 27. Throughout this season, the winners have stood proud, while some have been shocked by the results. The Grammys this year was no exception. The … Continue reading

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