New tools added to voyager catalog

The Voyager space ship.  Courtesy of Google Images.

The Voyager space ship. Courtesy of Google Images.

This week two new tools were added to the Smith Library Center’s Voyager Catalog:

Cite This Item is located in the Actions box on the right side of all item records. The Cite This Item link will open a new tab in your browser, containing formatted citations for the item in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian styles.

Browse This Shelf is located at the bottom of nearly all item records. With the bookshelf, you can scroll to the left or right down the shelf to browse the materials that are nearby the item, based on call number.  The shelf combines items in the Main collection, Special Collections, Curriculum, and A/V Materials.  By mousing over the cover image for each item, you can see the title, author, location, and availability information, as well as link to its item record. Browse This Shelf is currently supported by Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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  1. dubs says:

    lol.. i just like the picture you picked to go with this article. sci-fi for the win.

  2. I saw the picture and was expecting something completely different. Not that I’m knocking your post, of course!

    gaming keyboard

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