Austin’s Chicken Fried Radio: Not So Fowl

Become a devoted "pecker;" gobble up Austin's "Chicken Fried Radio."

Become a devoted "pecker;" gobble up Austin's "Chicken Fried Radio." Courtesy of Google Image.

For those of you who enjoy exploring the podcast universe, you should definitely check out Chicken Fried Radio. This vibrant podcast covers random topics, such as one of the podcasters experience on a cruise, to vasectomies , revolutions, the Olympics and everything in between (and this is just within two episodes). The podcast group describes itself as “Bushleague Jackasses with Microphones,” and while the hour to hour and a half program can get a bit crude, it is definitely good for ample laughs.

The Chicken Fried Radio group actually broadcasts from Austin, so many relatable culturally reference are made, however the group has reached audiences such as Sandra Barrea of the Los Angeles Daily News back in 2005 and boasts a 4.5 star count on their iTunes rating. It began back in 2005 when podcasts just hit the scene and has continued on strong since then. The Podcasters attempt to do a new show on the first and 15th of every month, so topics are always relatively current. On its website the “Chicken Fried Radio Original Recipe” section contains downloadable material from the podcast’s younger years.

Their website describes the podcast with this blurb:

“Looking for a dose of smart, weird, irreverent, fast-paced, PODCAST humor? Then get a life! No one listens to these things! CHICKEN FRIED RADIO features the continuing misadventures of a rotating cast of Austin, Texas jackasses. Tune in as they deconstruct the week’s weird news items, review websites from the Internet’s seedy back alleys, and indulge in the occasional political rant.”

In the two episodes I listened to – “Go for the Gold” and “Viva La Revolucion” – I was regaled with one of the speaker’s experiences with a “douchey” couple on a boat and a possible porn ring. One of my favorite quotes from that story was “the nice thing about douches is they only want to talk about themselves.” This conversation then turned to the Olympics, the sport of curling and an insult festival. The other episode featured an odd depiction of one of the guy’s vasectomies, which somehow ended up segueing into a deep discussion on the loss of revolutionary spirit within American society. That discussion quickly became an attempt to start an uprising with the CFR Army and Chicken Fried Radio attempted to become a recognized “subversive organization“ within the state of South Carolina. From the beginning of the podcast, it is pretty easy to tell that the speakers never stay on topic, but their odd tangents lead to hilarious rants and awesome stories, so all is forgiven.

What ver the situation the Chicken Fried Radio podcasters deliver a good story, valid political and social points or an excellent quip that will force you to think or make you bust out in laughter. They are devoted to their “peckers” (listeners) and will have you feeling like you are sitting around listening to your friends talk. Overall, this podcast is something that is definitely worth giving a listening to.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Megan! I happen to be a proud alumnus of your fine university, and my brother Jimmy is currently making trouble there.

    We’ll mention this article on our next episode!

  2. Krakhead Kosby says:

    “It began back in 2005 when podcasts just hit the scene and has continued on strong since then”.

    I think you might want to retract that comment as it is totally false.

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