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SU helps support Senior University

If you feel like you’ve been seeing a lot more old people around campus lately, you’re observations are not unwarranted. Residents of Sun City are moving in and becoming your classmates. Okay, not really, but they are taking classes here. … Continue reading

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Post-election Letdown

The Republican primary for Governor was supposed to be a battle but it ended up disappointing. Continue reading

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High praise for “Urinetown”

Sure, it’s a strange title. But it’s also one of the funniest musical satire’s to cross Southwestern’s stage in years. Continue reading

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So I am what my dad calls an ” Angry Little Girl.” And, while I’ll admit that I do harbor some anger, much of my anger leads to insight into some really bizarre things. Through this blog, I will be able to … Continue reading

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SU Track and Field Begins Season

The 2010 track and field season started off with a bang for both the men and women, with various school records being set.  The teams traveled to the Incarnate Word Invitational in San Antonio to face stiff competition against Division … Continue reading

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Word Up: Defining liberal and conservative

As a self-avowed environmentalist, gay marriage supporter, pro-choice supporter and reader of The New Yorker, most people would call me a liberal. However, I would disagree with that label. To me, the terms “liberal” and “conservative” have become increasingly confused … Continue reading

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South by Southwest Must-See Movie List for 2010

For those of you interested in music or film South by Southwest is the perfect opportunity to experience artists from all around the world presenting their works. Continue reading

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Stupid people appreciating stupid things

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Suck: Southwestern breeding ground for new psychological disorder

This week the American Psychological Association is updating its diagnosis manual, the DSM-V, with an updated list of new disorders. Among the newest maladies is one that is observed almost exclusively on the Southwestern University campus. It is called the … Continue reading

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Xbox malfunction causes crisis of faith

Area Christian, Blane Harrison, experienced a crisis of faith Thursday after discovering the infamous “Red Ring of Death” on his Xbox 360. According to friends closest to Harrison, the permanent malfunction of the Xbox gaming system has triggered “serious doubts … Continue reading

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Is your favorite professor award-winning?

We have all had professors who have profoundly affected us, whether we have been at Southwestern University for one year or five. These instructors have blown our minds, have exceeded their statuses as mentors to become our friends and changed … Continue reading

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SU Student Trains for CapTex Olympic Triathlon

What are you doing at 5:45 in the morning on an average day? Most people would answer that question with the obvious, “I’m still sleeping” response, but if you were to talk to junior Rachel Freeman, she would give a … Continue reading

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