Athlete Spotlight: Robbie Hanley

Robbie HanleyJunior Robby Hanley has been on fire as of late and played akey role in the success of the men’s basketball team. Hanley did not always plan to pursue basketball in college, but his plans changed when he arrived here in Texas.

I actually grew up wanting to play professional soccer internationally,” Hanley said. “This continued until I moved to Texas my sophomore year in high school, when I decided I would focus on basketball instead of soccer.”

It looks like his decision has paid off. His performance on and off the court has helped the Pirates maintain a good season this year.

Everyone has a common goal,” Hanley said. “Individual players cannot worry about their own game, but rather what helps the team as a whole.”

Looking back into the season, Hanley comments that one of the highlights of the season has been the home win against Oglethorpe by one point, a win that pumped up the Pirates halfway through conference.

Just as the team has had its highlights, it has had its downtimes. The past weekend in Colorado was a bit of a disappointment.

We needed to win both games to solidify first place going into the tournament, but we lost both,” Hanley said. “Not that great of a weekend by any means.”

Despite the tough weekend, Hanley says the team remains positive.

We will smash Trinity at home on Friday, and then go into the tournament and do what we have done all year,” Hanley said. “We want to reach the conference tournament and win a conference championship! But individually, I want to dunk on someone.”

Hanley is a sociology major and a Spanish minor. His favorite foods are applesauce and chicken wings and his favorite music artist is none other than Nas. Like many students here at SU, plans for post-graduation are still up in the air.

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