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It's called governing

Hey Guys, President Obama signed the Health Care Reconciliation package on Tuesday. Finally, Health Care Reform is official. The Reconciliation package included MAJOR student aid reform measures as well. The legislation projects a $425 increase to the maximum Pell Grant … Continue reading

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HCR: signed

The House approved the Senate bill, and of course, it was signed into law today by the President. Expect some modifications to come in the Senate’s reconciliation process, but other than this is pretty much a done deal. Continue reading

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Argentina: More Culture, Less Shock

Bienvenidos a Argentina! Leave all your american lifestyles and traditions at home, this is Argentina where they do things a little differently. Continue reading

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Hello, Again

It’s been a long time, blog world. A lot has happened, obviously. I guess that whole health care thing is about to happen. Continue reading

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Peace Conference a success for SPA

From Friday Feb. 26 to Sunday Feb. 28, Southwestern University was the host of the Student Peace Alliance National Conference. The Conference, entitled “Extreme Make Over: Peace in the 21st Century” entailed a series of lectures  covering the subjects of … Continue reading

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Recently At Southwestern…

Student Peace Alliance and Careers In… Edition Slide Show + -Full Screen

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Non-partisan Corruption

Corruption doesn’t discriminate based on political parties. Continue reading

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Sustainability: Not just a fad

I find it fascinating when new words appear on the horizon of human culture. Through some perceived need, a novel concept emerges in the peripheries of language and begins to reshape dialogue. I imagine that the word “sustainability” first sailed … Continue reading

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Career Services begins to prepare students for alternative careers

The current economic turmoil has taken a major toll on SU graduates who are looking for jobs once they earn their degree. The state of economic affairs is so bad that when asked what liberal arts degrees would be desired … Continue reading

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Athlete Spotlight: Robbie Hanley

Junior Robby Hanley has been on fire as of late and played akey role in the success of the men’s basketball team. Hanley did not always plan to pursue basketball in college, but his plans changed when he arrived here … Continue reading

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Field Trips

Remember those field trips you used to take to the zoo in elementary school? Yeah. Like everything else, the college version is so much cooler. Feel like taking an overnight trip on your own private beach, looking at endangered species … Continue reading

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Governor David in (non)scandel

On the night of Tuesday, Feb. 16, a story came out that negated the news cycle about said story that had preceded its release, but by that point no one cared. News of the story had first come into wide … Continue reading

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