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Dornon’s Index 2/4/2010

16 – years since “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” replaced the ban on homosexuals serving in the armed forces at all. 13,389 – the number of service personnel discharged because of the DADT policy. 363 million– the number of dollars spent … Continue reading

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Ill-conceived protest held

The Students for Sensible Drug Policy ineffectively attempted to disrupt the day-to-day business of Southwestern University by staging a sit-in at the Debbie Ellis Writing Center last Thursday. According to SSDP spokesperson Beau Konger, the sit-in was meant to “serve … Continue reading

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Quinoa & Black Bean Stuffed Peppers

The weather is teasing me with this sunny-hints-of-spring days and harsh bitter (mid 40s!) nights regiment. To combat my nostalgic spring-fever, on Monday Night #1 we decided to have a quasi-Mexican style evening {{ quasi because there were [very unfortunately] … Continue reading

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Austin hosts 3rd annual Fashion Freakout

Movies like The Devil Wears Prada or shows like Project Runway foster our perceptions of the fashion culture to be elitist and high in standard and designer price tags. A February fashion show in Austin annually fights against this very … Continue reading

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Looking ahead to the Brown Symposium's exploration of the past and present

From Feb. 11-12, Southwestern will host the thirty-second annual Brown Symposium. Continue reading

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RJD2’s new album disappoints old fans

RJD2 is a bit of a hero in the underground hip-hop circuit, guest-spotting for rappers like Aesop Rock, Murs, Atmosphere and many more on his old label, Definitive Jux. He gained my respect early on in my music listening days … Continue reading

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Convenience competes with TV ratings

In an article in the New York Times on Jan. 18, 2010, Nick Bilton commented on the fact that many people are now watching recording of their favorite TV shows on the internet instead of watching the show at it’s … Continue reading

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