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New White House Strategy + Quick Hits

If there was a word of the week (besides snow) it would be bipartisanship. It’s a word that the White House is trying to grab a hold of in order to paint Republicans as mindlessly dedicated to disrupting Obama’s administration. Continue reading

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All My Single Ladies, Gentlemen & Couples

For all my single ladies & gentlemen, and even the coupled, here are my top ten Valentine’s activities for Auatin… Continue reading

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Amante’s Sans Amoure.

dear vegetarians, if you’re looking for somewhere to spend at minimum “35.” for 2, look elsewhere– Continue reading

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State of the Union: "less than pessimistic"

On Jan. 27, 2010, President Barack Obama addressed Congress and the nation in the annual State of the Union Address. The event was originally slated to be a two-hour talk because, according to the White House, “a one-hour speech couldn’t … Continue reading

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Snuggie Up With a Book

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m suggesting that you read for pleasure. Continue reading

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Who killed Heath Care Reform?

If the health care bill dies, who deserves to be blamed? Continue reading

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Diversity – What It Truly Means

Diversity is a word thrown around on a college campus almost as much as the word party. It is reflected as a desire in the mission statement of almost every major university, and schools that actually possess it tout it … Continue reading

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Update, Tim Tebow is a Jackass

I write you today from the center of the snowpocalypse in Washington D.C. Continue reading

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Texting a Complicated Form of Communication

I wait. I wait. It’s on silent. That way there’s hope. At least a little. The screen is face down. Maybe when I turn it over the little red light will blink its happy little blink. Maybe not. I feel … Continue reading

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Avatar: Impressive, but Classic?

After over a month since its premiere, James Cameron’s “Avatar” is still receiving critical attention. Audiences are still pouring into theaters and IMAX showings are still selling out. And now “Avatar” has won a Golden Globe and received several nominations … Continue reading

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Vedge Pizza.

because puns are tasty. Continue reading

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Black History Month

February is Black History Month. To honor and celebrate Black history here on Southwestern’s campus, there will be events and lectures all throughout February. All of these activities are meant to celebrate not only the history and the people who … Continue reading

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