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Obama is mislabeled as a “socialist”

The word “socialist” is being inappropriately applied to Obama and Democrats in general. We’ve all heard the word since the 2008 election. Recently, with conservative ire at the large budget deficit and health care, it’s being thrown about a lot … Continue reading

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A letter from financial aid

NEXT YEAR’S MONEY IN FOUR EASY STEPS: 1)  Go to , click “Fill Out Your FAFSA” 2)  If you’ve forgotten your PIN, click the “PIN Information” link & they’ll send it to you. 3)  Select 2010-2011 from the drop … Continue reading

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Senior Class Celebrates 100 days until Graduation

Thursday, Jan. 28, Southwestern’s Senior Giving Council invited SU seniors to the Landmark Tavern to celebrate their last hundred days as Pirates. Southwestern seniors were invited to come to the new bar for happy hour and were even treated to … Continue reading

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Twitter not that great, except when it is

As a person who is not a Twitter-er, but chose to take this assignment out of interest, I must admit the whole culture of letting everyone know what you are doing at any given time kind of freaks me out. … Continue reading

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State of the Union: "less than pessimistic"

On Jan. 27, 2010, President Barack Obama addressed Congress and the nation in the annual State of the Union Address. The event was originally slated to be a two-hour talk because, according to the White House, “a one-hour speech couldn’t … Continue reading

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Nice guy Conan finishes last

Prior to the Leno vs. O’Brien meltdown, my late-night allegiance was clear to all. Every night I would stop whatever it was I was doing and turn to Comedy Central to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I hadn’t given … Continue reading

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Over the last few years I have heard more than enough aspersions cast against George W. Bush and his administration in the simplest of accusations that fail to account for the complexities of causality that are a part of all … Continue reading

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Swim Team Finishing an Intense Season

The Southwestern swim team is beginning the end of their five month season. In November and December, the team was training at the highest intensity of the year. Increased yardage of up to seven miles a day with fast paced … Continue reading

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Artist of The Week: Hockey

Berthold Auerbach’s quote, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” can describe Hockey, the Artist of the Week. While listening to Hockey, you will be refreshed by their energetic music. Hailing from Portland, Hockey is a … Continue reading

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Republicans playing politics hurting them, their future

With a current national debt of over $12 trillion and a deficit of around $1.35 trillion for 2010, debt and deficit reduction is rightfully at the top of America’s current concerns with the government. Fiscal responsibility, spending freezes, budget cuts … Continue reading

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The Day After Valentine’s Day

Well, go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back! You did it!

You survived Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Extremism in a Coffee Shop

I’ve thought about the Afghan war effort from a lot of different angles, and I’ve experienced a great deal of internal conflict regarding it’s merits, justifications, and chances of success Continue reading

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