Recovery last week, Health Care Next Week

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The past week “inside the beltway” has been a politically eventful one. Probably the highlight for me, a democrat, was the campaign launched by the White House and Democratic National Committee on the one year anniversary of the Recovery Act.

As you may recall, only three Republicans in the House/Senate reached across party lines and voted for the Stimulus. In other words, if it were not for Dems, the package would have never existed. The government would have done NOTHING to quell the worst economic crisis in decades.

Many Republicans may have preferred the “do nothing” option. At least, I think they would have. It’s kind of hard to tell due to the massive amount of hypocrisy and dual handedness we’ve seen out of them over the past several months. There are DOZENS of republican legislators (about 93 to be exact) who have spoken out against the Recovery Act publicly, but gone back to their district and boasted about it’s success. For example, not too long ago Republican WHIP Eric Cantor¬† attended a ribbon cutting ceremony, touting a grant that would pay for a new light rail project which would lead to 160K jobs in his district. Eric Cantor voted against the bill that provided the grant, but he takes credit for it’s success? What a bunch of horseshit. And it isn’t an isolated incident. There are 92 other examples of this in the Senate and House.

So the Democrats have been lambasting Republicans over this…and rightfully so.¬† It only highlights the fact that the Republican Party is filled with masterful rhetoric, but ZERO ideas on economic policy (or any type of policy, really). The Democrats will lose seats this November–the question over how many will be answered by how well they can expose the general lack of ideas on the other side.

So last week the primary debate in the beltway was over the Recovery Act/ general economic policy. Check out this video, brought to you by Organizing For America. It touts the stabilization of the economy, which is undeniably linked to the Recovery Act. Our GDP has grown two straight quarters, we gained jobs last month, and are done with losing jobs at such an absurd and scary rate. Check it out —

You’ll hear a lot this coming week about health care reform. You thought that the debate was done? Nah, it’s just getting started again. This week Obama will meet with Congressional Democrats and Republicans (if they even accept the invitation). The exchange of ideas will be televised, which is probably why the Republicans are starting to balk at the idea. After all– they still don’t have a plan, and the last time they went on TV with the President for a Q & A Session, it was a categorical, top to bottom embarrassment for them. So it’s possible that they won’t even show up. If this should occur, it’s only another example of hypocrisy; seeing as the GOP has been imploring the President for such a meeting throughout the past several months.

Either way, their is a pretty sexy rumor about the up coming health care summit. Apparently, the President may show up to the meeting with his own health care plan- totally dropping a bomb on the stagnant Congress. If that happens, the health care debate could get a great deal more intriguing. God willing, it happens.

Will write more soon


P.S. Jon Boehner, Republican Maj. Leader, chain smokes and fake bakes. I have inside information on that

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